Download my first brush pack for Affinity Photo for free. Clicking the Download button will take you to where you can download the file.

Affinity Photo Brushes

To use the brushes, unzip the archive, open the Brushes panel in Affinity Photo, click the flyout menu button in the upper right corner of the panel and select Import Brushes... The brush category CricketBrushes will be imported to your Brushes panel. Here's a quick video by Affinity about importing brushes. They are importing a Photoshop brush file, but it works the same way with an Affinity Photo brush file.

This brush pack originally began because I needed some grass brushes for a painting I was working on and decided to try making my own, since I had not done it before in Affinity Photo. It's quite an easy process and there are tutorials already online, so I am not going to go into it. It's mostly just playing with the settings to get the feel you like.

All brushes were created by me. Grass and rake brushes were drawn right on the computer. Speckly, streaky and grungy brushes were created by hand, scanned in at 600dpi and edited on the computer to create them.

These brushes are free to use and alter for your own artwork creation. Play with the size, spacing, rotation, etc., to get the feel you like. I highly recommend using them with a pen tablet or iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

The brushes may not be redistributed without my written permission and may not be sold as individual files or as part of a pack.

Have fun!

These brushes are free for use, but if you feel generous I would greatly appreciate a donation of any amount you feel comfortable giving. Just click the donate button below. Thanks!