I enjoy working in a variety of styles and mediums. I typically work in a couple different ways. I’ll draw a sketch and ink it by hand. I’ll then either paint it with watercolors or scan it in and paint it digitally.

Some of the art below is available in print form in the Store. My favorite subject matter deals with fantasy and myths, children’s book art, and anything having to do with Halloween. This page mostly contains final art, but I post sketches and other work on my Instagram every once in a while.

Color Artwork Sampler

Black & White Artwork Sampler

Toned Paper Artwork Sampler

Artistic Influences

The following artists have had a huge influence on my artwork:

  • Arthur Rackham

  • Albrecht Durer

  • Leondardo da Vinci

  • Bernie Wrightson

  • Edward Gorey

  • Dr. Seuss

  • Berkeley Breathed

  • Tim Burton

  • Brian Froud

  • Alan Lee

  • William Stout

  • Maurice Noble

  • Charles Vess

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