The New!

Welcome to the new!

Thank you for visiting! If you are a returning visitor, welcome back. I hope to keep this site updated better than the previous one, which had not been updated in quite some time I’m sorry to say. If you are a new visitor, have a look around and browse my portfolio. I now also have a Twitter page, which I will update whenever I post something new on my site.

What’s up with these Cricket Chirps?

Cricket Chirps is just a fun name for my weblog. It will perform several functions: It will be a place where I can post news about the site or myself or new artwork announcements. It will also be a place to post sketches every now and then and links to other fun sites and resources I find.

Why don’t you just call this a blog?

I know that most people that read this will be saying, “Why isn’t this called a Blog?” The word Weblog was created back in 1997 and the contraction followed shortly after. (You can read more about that on Wikipedia if you want.)

Well, the simple fact is that I can’t stand the word blog. I think it is ugly and doesn’t roll of the tongue nicely. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much less time to say. I’m all for shortening words or making acronyms if it makes sense to do so. Shortening Weblog to Blog does not make sense. Try saying it now… Weblog… See, it’s much nicer to pronounce.

If you happened to come across this page first on your visit here, you can find out more about CricketBow Design on this page.